The word EUTOPIA is the reversal of the word Utopia: the latter in fact indicates a perfect but totally unattainable world. Eutopia is instead a “beautiful and possible” scenario and in Greek means “good place”. Exactly the base of Future Power vision.


Aromatic and flowering potted plants, produced with natural methods. Cultivation in Vipot rice husks pots, natural and biodegradable, processes with low or zero environmental impact.


Pots are permeable to oxygen and release nutrients; all plants grow stronger, have better flowering, more intense colours and scents and last longer; plastic waste and disposal problems, eliminated.


Pots biodegrade in programmable times, can be buried with the plant without removing it from the pot, or can be disposed of as organic waste; energy saving as the production of Vipot pots requires less energy than conventional plastic pots.