Vipot vasi naturali


We believe in connections that enrich, improve and heal our world. VIPOT represents one of these connections: everything we do is aimed to contribute to improving our World with practical solutions. That’s why we’ve focused on finding alternatives to traditional packaging and developed a material which is the basic for VIPOT products.

Its components are natural and biodegradable, waste and recovered such as Rice Husk, the skins of the grain discarded during refining or Husking. Our products can fully fulfill the packaging functions normally related to products and goods and addressed with plastic.

We therefore wish to promote the use of these new eco-sustainable packaging, also in collaboration with companies that have put the logic of environmental excellence at the center. The aim is to produce innovative packaging with a higher level of performance, at the same time achieving a reduction in waste to protect the reserves of primary materials, now too intensively exploited.
Together we can help to develop a more sustainable and secure Future.
We have real, practical and proven solutions: we are looking to meet and work with those who want to apply them, share them and make them known.


Plastic used for packaging is a growing problem and will be less and less manageable due to the growth of the world population and the spread of “modern” but incorrect lifestyles. Besides having too much plastic on Earth, it is still difficult to correctly and economically dispose of all this and Nature cannot decompose what remains in big quantity in the environment. The problems caused are there for all to see, the damage is multiplying and the alarms are therefore making more and more buzz, from all directions.

Future Power is committed to research and develop practical and real solutions aimed at reducing the use of plastic in packaging. With VIPOT we found and propose today a valid alternative for many sectors, from the horticultural nursery sector – potted crops in general, gardening and decorative plants –  and products for the home including tableware and other applications.
And Vipot, for its qualities, can still be extended to a number of other sectors.

Vipot stoviglie in lolla di riso